Wordless Wednesday: The pictures I didn't take

Happy Wordlessfull Wednesday! 

Let me start by giving you an important haiku of advice, because I did it and it isn't nice.

Don't try to talk while
putting on your mascara
you'll poke your eye out!

With that out of the way, I also want to tell you about a good cause with a chance to win ticket's to Blogher 10 in NYC. DeAnne has breast cancer, so her sister is raffling off a full conference ticket. For only $5 you can get an entry to win, and help Deanne with some of her many medical bills. Go on over there, and join, Team DeAnne. I did!

I woke up this morning to find that Old Man Winter had pushed Spring right out of the way! In her place was his cold embrace, and a blanket of fog to hide under. As I walked past the lake, I was struck by the beauty of the steam rising off the water. So, I thought, I'd share it with you, and with my phone, I snapped a picture. Here it is:
See it through the whiteness?! Maybe if you squint? No? Guess the fog's too thick. ♪Blinded by the light wrapped up like a ??? in the middle of the night♪
If you're really squinting, you can stop, there, really is nothing there, because I didn't take the picture because, my little phone camera, just couldn't see what I was seeing.

As I walked further, I saw a cute little bunny rabbit in the grass, but you know that dang thing wouldn't sit still for a picture! I tried nicely to talk to it. I asked it to just sit for one picture, but it just wouldn't do it! As I got closer, it jumped further away! Dang little thing! One picture! That's all I ask! As it hopped off into the brush, I thought I heard ♪Don't stand so, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me♪  but maybe it was just me. For a brief moment, I thought about chasing that rabbit, but, with the crazy story of that Alice girl in my head, I thought better of it, and went on to work...pictureless. 

Don't you hate it, when you see the perfect picture opportunities, and your camera is nowhere near?! Always happens to me! There are so many pictures in my head that I should've, wish I could've, taken, but I didn't for one reason or another. Do you see 'em? No? no I guess those pictures are all mine, the ones I didn't take.
So, now that I've told you of the pictures I didn't take, this morning, let me show you a picture that I didn't take, but at least, someone did.

Pretty huh?!
My darling #2 took this picture at the beach this weekend. And although, I didn't take it, it was just too pretty not to share.

My song for today:
Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now
Joss Stone with Common

♪When my mind's void, you're my joy
You're the dream when I sleep♪

♪Looking to the sky asking for at least a sign
Beautiful, you came at such a decent time♪


  1. You GOT me! I actually squinted and sat back in my chair and everything...

    Fool me once... LOL!

  2. The white pic? AWESOME. It made me laugh.

    The beach shot? AWESOMER (it's a word). I can't tell you how many times I've wished my camera was around when it wasn't.

  3. At first I was thinking the picture didn't load...then I was like, Oh, I get it...sometimes it takes me a while. My mind can be as foggy as that picture!

    Love the beach pic...wish I was on a beach somewhere right about now!

  4. yeah not sure I would want to end up down the hole like Alice..

    I like your album of the week.:)

  5. I cant WAIT for this winter to be GONE! Im seriously considering moving from PA to FL!

  6. Hey, the fog picture looks like the white-out blizzard conditions at my house last night. And today it is beautiful out. Go figure.


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