One Word

Last Week I was tagged by my favorite blogger from down under Brea, to play a one word game. The idea is to answer questions with just one word. So, before I forget, I figure I'll give it a try.

Hair – Red
Your Mother –ugh (I can't help but think "wears combat boots")
Your Father – Distant (is this a game or a psych test? Where's the couch?)
Favorite Food – meat
Dream Last Night- calm  ♪dream a little dream of me♪
Favorite Drink- Guinness (Brilliant!)
What room are you in? Livingroom
Hobby-reading  ♪take a look it's in a book, Reading Rainbow♪
Fear – roaches
Where were you last night? – couch
Something that you aren’t – rich
Muffins – Banana
Wish List Item – money
Where you grew up – Florida/New Hampshire
What you are wearing – makeup  ♪Oh make me over, I'm all I wanna be♪ (Hole)
Your Pet –Many
Friends – Yes!  ♪I got friends in low places♪ (Garth Brooks)
Something you’re not wearing – lipstick 
Favourite Store – Sephora
Favourite Color – purple
Last time you laughed – 8:52  8:53
Your Best Friend - Hubby
Best Place you go over and over – beach
Person who you email regularly – self  (this computer has one thing, that one has another)
Favorite Place to Eat- New Orleans


  1. That's cute. I like how you got around the one word with ( ).. smart

  2. Very cool Darl!

    I'm glad you had a chance to play along.

    Mwah x x x


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