Saturday Shorts: What a Week

It's time for Saturday Shorts. I have a busy Saturday planned, so only time for a few short things. If you have your own Saturday Shorts post, link up below.

Wow! What a week it's been. It seems like my vacation was ages ago, not just, last week. Oh, vacation fairy, please bring me another one soon! I know Blogher NYC is in only 3 months away, but it can't get here soon enough!

#2 has always been an Epic burper. She holds her head high with pride when that big sound comes from her little body. Very impressive, I must say. But, all that burping may have damaged her little flappy thing. You know the one that gets all spastic and causes hiccoughs?! Yup that little flappy thing. So, over the past couple months, she's been hurting with or without food, and has had very sudden Exorcist type vomits, (onto her beige carpet which I've always hated, and hate even more now that it has huge stains on it!) but anyway vomiting is not good, so to the doctor we went. Doc drew her blood (her first time,) and ordered an Upper GI (of course, that's a first, as well.) So, she drank the nasty stuff while they did x-rays, and now we just wait.  ♪the waiting is the hardest part♪ (Tom Petty)

Last night #1 did Relay for Life. She had so much fun with her friends walking for a good cause. She shared with me how sad the video was that talked about all the people that have been lost to cancer, and how the candles lit in the bleachers spelled out CURE, and they did a lap in silence to remember those that have lost the fight.  I hope all of this money being raised really helps to find a cure for this terrible disease! ♪Looking back on the memory of the dance we shared 'neath the stars above♪ (Garth Brooks)

 Last night, Bear went midnight fishing with a friend out on the bBay. Not my thing, at all, so I stayed home, and slept. I mean who wants to be out on a little boat in the middle of the night?! There isn't even any sun out then! So, how are you supposed to get a tan, or read a book?! What would you do with yourself?!  ♪I just don't know what to do with myself ♪ (Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding)


  1. The Relay for Life event sounds wonderful. I hope you'll share more about it for those that are interested in participating. I'm a big proponent for charitable activities like these.

    Happy SITS Saturday!


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