Saturday Shorts: The White Rabbit Edition

Some Saturday Shorts (kinda like Friday Fragments, only, I'm a day late) I'm late I'm late no time to talk hello goodbye, I'm late I'm late

So, let's start with April Fools. I said I wouldn't be fooled, and I did very well, to stand guard, but, yup, I was got! My friend Jessica put on a fake diamond and totally tricked me into thinking her on again off again boyfriend, had popped the question! She got me! And, my own dear #2 got me when I asked her to watch the red light while I was texting, (at a complete stop) and she told me it turned green, before, it even did! Luckily, I looked for my self before going! (which she knew I always do.)

 Last week, I finally got my tattoo of the White Rabbit, (on my inner arm, a painful place for sure, but, I love it!) And, this week Disney released the UnAnniversary addition of Alice in Wonderland on DVD, and I got the last copy at my local Target. A Very very Un-Birthday to me, to me

In Florida, we only have 2 seasons, and now that winter's gone it is getting hot! I am not looking forward to seeing my next electric bill, because the AC is running non-stop! It's gettin hot in here, so take off all your clothes

I am looking forward to wearing the new Summer Love collection from Urban Decay. With colors like these, you can't help but look hot! Hot child in the city, running wild and looking pretty

Have a great Saturday!

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