Nobody's Fool and Yo Tweeps

Beware, Don't trust anybody today! I don't care how innocent that little kid is, they are bound to throw plastic spiders at you, or trick you into looking into a kaleidoscope that will leave you with a black eye. Oh, sure, it's all fun and games until... someone pees on themselves because of some plastic wrapped toilet! Well, I'm nobody's fool! I♪'m not your fool, nobody's fool, nobody's fool♪ (Cinderella)

My April Fools history is not a good one. I lost my virginity on April Fools, really, true story. Yeah, what a joke that was. And, in one of the worst moments in my professional history, I was put on a warning on April Fools, for having returned to work after drinking a beer 5 hours before, that my boss paid for! Yup, it happened, no joke!

I've seen someone's car moved to a different parking lot after they left their keys on their desk, (thankfully, not me, I have enough problems finding my car, when it's right where I left it!) Oh, and then there was the guy who came to work only to find that his entire desk, and everything on it, had been wrapped in aluminum foil, and he had to unwrap, each and every one. A cool site to see, but again, glad it wasn't me. I don't know if I can even trust Google today, because they've changed their name to Topeka, and, well...

So, this year, this year, I'm not trusting anyone! What? You think you've broke your arm, and you need help?! Hope it doesn't hurt too much because you'll be waiting til tomorrow, because I'm not falling for that one, nope, nuh uh, ain't fooling me. I'm sitting riiiiight here... ♪I've seen enough and I'm over that I'm not nobody's fool♪ (Avril Lavigne)

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♪Follow me, everything is alright♪ (Uncle Kracker)

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  1. I've been fooled by my 6 year old....twice....all before school. It's going to be a loooong day.

    Thanks for playing YoTweeps! :)

  2. Following your blog and on Twitter throgh SupahMommy Yo Tweeps.

  3. I love the car moving thing.. omg.

  4. Following your blog and now off to follow you on Twitter. :)

  5. I was already a follower on Twitter through Supah's Twaffic Exchange and now I'm following your blog too! I'm 111

  6. I can't believe you were put on warning after something your boss knew about. Not very nice. I do love the tin foil thing though. We did that once to someone where I used to work. It was hysterical. Until they got us back. (Still funny though).

  7. Too funny! I hate April Fool's jokes.
    Ridiculous about that beer!


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