Go Away, Mono!

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Who knew how bad Mono could be?! I mean, it's just a little kissing virus, right? like a cold? You get a sore throat and you're a little tired, no big deal, right? Oh, I was so wrong!

Mono is awful! #1 has been dealing with this horrible virus for 3 weeks now. To make it worse, she couldn't follow the rules and start with the sore throat, so they could identify it, right away. Nope, she had to do it the hard way with vomiting, fever, dehydration, headache, & stomach pain. This combined with high liver enzymes, led the doc to believe it was something much more fatal, and it took a week for us to finally get results! Now, we are so happy that it's only Mono, but enough already! Go away! All she wants to do is sleep, she doesn't want to eat, and their is nothing we can do but let the virus run it's course! Mono sucks! ♪You're no good you're no good, you're no good, "Mono" you're no good♪ (Linda Ronstadt)

And, now, as if being sick isn't enough, now, her wisdom teeth are coming in!

"Mom, I think I've got a tooth coming in."

"Oh, it's you're wisdom teeth."

"Will they make me smart?"

"Yes, of course, instantly." "Duh"


  1. Thank goodness it's just Mono. Although I had Mono and I know it wasn't fun at all!

  2. So glad its just Mono. Thanks for joining Friday Follow this week.


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