High Liver Enzymes?! What's that mean?!

Today's post was supposed to be all light, and fun, because hubby says it's been a little dull of late, (and you know what good is marriage, if you don't listen to hubby's advice sometimes? )
So, I was ready to join in on one of Mama Kat's great prompts at Writer's Workshop, and was preparing a foot post, yup, a foot post, when the doc called and said #1's liver enzymes were high, and that there is definitely something going on with her liver, (so apparently, it may not be "just a stomach bug.")

 Doc told me that we needed to go immediately, do not pass go, do not collect $200, to get an ultrasound done. I called a friend to take me to get the car from Bear, (we're a 1 car family, since last year,) and off I went to pick up #1 from home. We rushed in, asked for the person the Doc said to see, and Bam! Stopped dead in our tracks!

 "Well, I'm sorry Mam, but this needs to be scheduled in advance," she flatly said, "nobody called me, do you even have a prescription?"
With subdued irritation (cuz catch more flies with honey, etc...) I reply "My Dr. said that it was all set up and they would fax the prescription because it needed to be done right away." "I certainly wouldn't have rushed down here, otherwise." "there must be something you can do."

Long story short, they sent us to their sister location because they supposedly could get us in sooner, and we only waited a mere 4 hours! Oh, how pleasant it was waiting. What? is that sarcasm? of course that's sarcasm! We waited 4 hours! in a waiting room with her feeling sick, nothing to do, and she couldn't even have a drink! (not that kind of drink, just cause it's her liver doesn't mean...)

Anyway, so my mind has been running over all the horrible possibilities, (as our minds seem to do) while I wait to hear the results, and I try to assure myself that everything's fine, and I'm really sure that it is, it's just doctors like to get you all worked up about nothing all the time.

♪don't worry, be happy now do do do do do do dodo♪


  1. Sounds like a headache getting rushed everywhere. I hope everything works out for the best. :)

  2. That's terrible you had to wait so long! My goodness! I hope she'll be fine and feel better soon!


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