A letter to Blogland

Dear Blogland Friends,

It's hard to explain to people in real life how much a bond can be developed on the web. To say you blog, results in looks that would be given to someone with 3 heads. Yet, over and over I say it with pride: "I blog." And, even more often, I say, "one of my friends, online..." to which my 3 heads multiply.

Today, more than normal, I want to scream from the rooftops, to let the world know what an amazing group of people you are! They should know how you've joined together to create support for one cause after another. You are always ready with a kind word, when sometimes that's the one thing that is needed. From Monkey to Daffy, and all the others, you have all shown your love.

While much of my mind is on my daughter, and hoping that she just has Mono, and that she gets to feeling better soon, I can't help, but think about all of you out there. You have made me cry, and laugh, and, sometimes scream with rage, but mostly, you've filled my heart with pride. I am proud to be part of such an incredible community, a community of strangers that have come together as friends. And, so I thank you all for being you, supporting one another, and letting me, just be me.

♪I thank you for letting me be myself, again♪ (Sly & the Family Stone)