Pouring my heart out: Some Days

I sat down to pour my heart out and this is what I got:

Some days I just can't focus, I want to be doing everything but what I should be.
Some days I feel all alone in my little world, life in my little square room where it is so quiet, my thought echo off the walls.
Some days I'm so crowded I can't think through all the noise and I just want to scream at the top of my lungs for everyone to just "SHUT UP!"
Some days I'm energetic, I bounce, I jump, I sing, I dance, I laugh at everything I can.
Some days I drudge on through the day, like in a bog of molasses, slowly, step by step with every bit of energy I can muster, I move forward.
Some days, I sit thinking warm thoughts of my pleasant existence, of my heart filled with love, and warm thoughts of you.
Some days I'm angry, and I can't help but let you know. I take it out on everyone that crosses my path so they may feel and know my wrath.
Some days are predictable with everything going just as predicted, blahseeblahseeblah.
Some days are surprise after instant surprise, again and again I'm hit with something new.
Some days are just normal, they just are, and I, just am.
Some days are good, as am I, and that makes me smile,
some days.

Followed by this fabulous guy singing in my head:

♪some guys have all the luck, some guys have all the pain, some guys have...♪ (Rod Stewart)