Boycott BP so the Children May Suffer

With oil continuing to spill at record pace into the Gulf, and cleanup efforts failing miserably, I hear people everywhere screaming "boycott!"  With any luck, it just may bankrupt a large Global company, and that seems like a fair punishment for the astronomical environmental and economical damage that has been caused! ♪ give me fuel, give me fire, give me just what I desire, ooh yeah!♪  (Metallica)

Heck, let's do it! Let's boycott, then we can throw a huge party as we watch all the Big business people lose money. I'm sure they have their big bonus money tucked safely away somewhere, so it's not like they'll suffer any. They'll just move on to some other big shot job where they can further wreck havoc on the world!

So, how do we make sure they stay down? How do we really punish them?! Oh, I know, let's get some lawyers involved! They can file class action suits! Then, not only will BP have even less money, but then the out of work Fisherman will be able to feed their families for a couple nights with their portion of the winnings. I bet they'd be able to easily get a couple cans of surplus tuna with their share! ♪ Everybody hurts, sometime♪  (REM)

As for the little people that work for BP companies all around the world, well, they should have known better than to build careers with a company that would make such a stupid mistake! so for their stupidity in job choice, they can can just be unemployed, too. And their punishment for poor decision making can be facing the little faces of their teary eyed children begging for food because Mommy and Daddy didn't plan for the bankruptcy of the seemingly stable company. ♪ Well, we're living here in Allentown, and they're closing all the factories down♪  (Billy Joel)

When it's all over, and we've accomplished our Boycott goal, we can then sit back and relax and enjoy the new improved oil enriched beaches, as we soak ourselves in the moisturizing black waters of our new world. A world transformed because people seeked the punishment of a large company and succeeded. Leaving no money left for BP to contribute to the resolution of the problem, and resulting in the loss of millions of jobs, and investments!  ♪ It's the end of the world as we know it♪  (REM)

Behind every Big company is a lot of little people. Maybe, a better solution is to spend our time looking for a way to help, as opposed to a way to punish. Boycotting works well to bring about change, but is it the right kind of change?