Follow-Friday Me: Teachers!

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I don't normally rant, but today, it is very necessary.

I want to talk about teachers. Not the good ones that take time with your kids, and try to find new and creative ways to teach, no not those teachers, those are awesome!

The other ones! You know the ones, the ones, that think teaching means the opportunity to make up for all their years of unhappiness by making the lives of others miserable. ♪Hey, teachers, leave those kids alone♪ (Pink Floyd)

These are usually the teachers that complain that they're not making enough money. Well, take the amount of money they make per year, and divide it by the amount of hours that they actually teach, and you'll find they're making pretty damn good money, for a job with no real accountability. It's real easy for them to blame the kids for being unable or unwilling to learn, rather than blaming themselves for being unable to adapt their teaching style.

I remember having teachers ask if there were any questions, and then when I asked, I was told "if you read the book, you'd understand." Well, I didn't understand, so now I'm asking! And, it hasn't changed with my children. They've both had teachers tell them the same thing, and one even had a teacher tell them that Freshmen are dumb and immature and she couldn't wait to teach upper-classmen. Only to have that same teacher, later treat her the same way as a junior. And, this is the daughter that is in the top 10% of her class! Certainly not because of help from her teachers!

Administration; they're even worse. It took a week of repeated phone calls and e-mails to finally get a response on what they can do to help since she's been out of school for a month with Mono!

I realize there is a shortage of teachers, so there isn't much that can be done, but with unemployment what it is, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that would make better teachers, and administration, even without the college degree. Just because you got a degree in education, doesn't mean that you should be doing it!

To all the teachers, out there: Take the summer to get your much needed break, and then in the fall; Please, Teach because you want to, not because you can.

♪School's out for Summer No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks♪ (Alice Cooper)