Planning on a Long Marriage, That's what I'm Planning

I'm not what you would call a planner. I'm real good with just "going with the flow," "seeing where things take me," and I'm a notorious "it'll all work out kind of girl." Now Bear, exactly the opposite. He likes to make plans like weeks, months, sometimes even years ahead (He already planned an event on facebook for 12/22/12; the day after the world is supposed to end. You should come it's sure to be a blast.) ♪ Tonight we're gonna party like it's... two thousand twelve♪  (Prince) nope doesn't sound right.

I try to be supportive of the planning. Every week, we plan what needs to be done on the weekend, and every week when the weekend comes, I have every intention of accomplishing all the planned things that need to be done, but the weekend is just not long enough! Between reading, and movie watching, and eating (because you know calories don't count on the weekend,) all the other things just don't seem to get done.

Oh yeah, there's this other difference between Bear and us that seems to play a tiny part in what gets accomplished and what doesn't. You see, I'm an avoider, a procrastinator, a professional theresalwayssomethingbettertodothanclean-er. Yup, you heard me right. I HATE Cleaning! Let me repeat: I HATE CLEANING! But I love the Internet, I can't help it, I do. ♪ I hate myself for loving you, can't break free from the things that you do♪  (Joan Jett)

It's really a problem. I try to limit my time on-line, but there's always "just one more thing" or "just another 5 minutes." So this weekend while I found one more thing that had to be done right then: Bear mopped the floors, did the laundry, washed the rugs, took out the trash, marinated the chicken, loaded the car for Goodwill, and, swept the patio!  No Ladies, you can't have him ♪ The boy is mine, not yours, he's mine ♪ (Brandy/Monica)

I'd like to say that this was all because my back was flared up this weekend, which it was, but, it wasn't. Nope, I have to admit that he just cleans more. He does, I admit it. There, I said it.  "knowing's half the battle" *said in my best GI Joe voice* and I'm okay with winning half the battle. Because "it will all work out," "the chores will wait for another day," "our house is not dirty it's lived in" though that might be because of Bear cleaning. :o)

Now to plan for this weekend. There is so much to do around the house. We really do need to minimize. We have yet to get in the attic. It's my turn to plan and everything will be done! I'm jumping on board and there will be no Internet until the day is done!

Because this weekend we'll be in St. Augustine for our 18th anniversary, well, unless he plans to kill me first. ♪ I used to love her, but I had to kill her ♪ (Guns-n-Roses)