Temper Tantrum Tuesday

    Tuesday seems like the perfect day for Temper tantrums. It's the day after Monday, not quite humpday. Seems like a good day to get a few things off my chest. This is a stomp your feet kick and scream Temper Tantrum post! 

Why the hell is Tuesday traffic so bad?! And, always when I'm already late! Did everybody have a crappy Monday and oversleep on Tuesday?! It really is the worst day of the week for driving! I just barely hit the gas when the light turns green, and I have to stop again because some assjack cuts me off! ♪I can't drive 55♪ (Sammy Hagar) 

This oil spill thing is really pissing me off! How many generations will be impacted economically and environmentally by this mess?! And, yet, we're still drilling all over the world, despite being able to grow hemp and corn for fuel! I know it's all about profit, and where you can make the most, but why can't we find some kind of balance?!  ♪Cause in the real world, they're shutting Detroit down♪ (John Anderson)

Spam! not the goodiffriedwithbrownsugarcannedstuff, but the constant bombardment of offers that I do not want! What's the purpose?! I'm not going to see an e-mail and think "well, yes, I do want to give you my money, you seem like a very reputable company..."  ♪I've got some Ocean front property in Arizona, from my front porch you can see the Sea♪  No, I don't want my thing to be longer! I don't want a thing at all! Well, um, ok, I want one...I just don't want to have one...I mean...on me...um...attached to me, oh you know what I mean! Damn Spammers!

What has you wanting to throw a tantrum?

Tuesday Tag-Along


  1. Thank you for stoppin' by for a Latte' on TTA. I am happy to follow you back. I like the George Strait song you reference above. "If you'll buy that I'll throw the golden gate in free."

  2. My son showed me how to use the IP address to block specific spammers (once they've already spammed you). Even though it's probably not even making any tiny dent in the spam issue, I get a little bit of satisfaction from typing their IP in to be blocked. Heh, heh.

    (My word verification word was singenti...I thought that was appropriate for your site?).


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