Almost Wordless Way Back Whenesday

Way back when, they were best friends. These days they can barely be in the same room together without arguing. It breaks my heart to see the pain they cause each other. to see them tear each other down. I hope they can find the friendship again before these sisters grow too far apart.

♪This used to be my playground
this used to be my childhood dream
this used to be the place that I ran to
whenever I was in need of a friend♪


  1. OH sweetie as a sister myself I totally understand this. I don't know why it is we hurt the ones we love the most. I have to think it is because that tie of family is there and the ideal is that it can never be broken, regardless we will love them and they will love us.

  2. what a cute idea with then and now photos. Hopefully they will grow out of it and grow back together as they age.

    Happy WW. :)

  3. Is a great picture for a Way Back.

    Stopping from Way Bay When-esday

  4. Awwww, I am SURE they will reunite in friendship...think each age causes its own challenges. Hang in there, Mama!

    And thank you for going Way Back this week with your gorgeous girlies!

  5. Sisters go through things but we always get back together!!! Ask my younger sister, we fought like cats and dogs for a while and now we're closer than ever! :)


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