No Sleep til...BlogHer!

This week has been great! I had a great birthday weekend and tomorrow I will be in NYC for my first time ever! There aren't enough "!" to express my excitement about this trip. I don't think I'll sleep a wink tonight. ♪No sleep til...Brooklyn!♪ (Beastie Boys)

Not only, do I get to see The Big Apple for the first time, but I get to go to BlogHer, the largest women's blogging conference for the first time!

I'm excited to be meeting some really cool bloggy people. There are some amazing women heading to this confrence. But, I'm thinking I may need to get the assistance of these guys,

to uncover the truth. I know someone's hiding something because there's no way these bloggers can be so cool in real life! Can they?! 

You wait, I'll uncover the truth. It will be the biggest headline of the year; Breaking news: Amethyst Moon Reveals Bloggers are Fake or how 'bout this one: Mom Bloggers are a Sham, Amethyst Discovers They Don't really Have Kids! or Bloggy Mom Uses Kid to Mop Floors

It's shameful, I know, but don't you worry, I'm on the job! I'm going to reveal everything that goes on behind the scenes at Blogher. Make sure to follow along here and on Twitter . I'll be sharing pictures from private parties, and tweeting from conference sessions. When I uncover the truth, about bloggers, you can bet you'll be the first to know.

No matter what happens, we're gonna have an experience like no other.

Because, It's New York! Freakin New York! Yeah, okay, so I hate the Yankees, and the Jets, but, still...who wouldn't be excited about getting to walk the streets of New York?! ♪These streets will inspire you, they'll make you feel brand new♪ (Alicia Keys) These streets have meant so much to the history of our country. And, you know ♪If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere♪ (Frank Sinatra) I'm going to get to walk in the footsteps of greatness! Little ol' me. Yeah, they are large footsteps to follow, but I'm ready...

♪when there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?♪


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