Post-it Notes: Last First Day

I haven't done Post-it Note Tuesday in awhile, but this is the last day that Supah will be hosting, so I had to join in. Supah is selling PINT to the highest bidder and the proceeds go to help little Jaden. You can read more at Supah's, but first: Read my post-its and

♪ Summer Loving, had me a blast, summer loving happened so fast♪

♪ I'm going off the rails on a crazy train♪  (Ozzy Osbourne)

♪ Hey, Teachers, leave those kids alone♪  (Pink Floyd)

Vote for Clean Water!


  1. I love the pictures. It is so sad when our babies grow up!

  2. I love those first day pics! Hope they have a great year!

  3. Great blog! I'm your newest follower.

  4. My kids start school tomorrow. I am so looking forward to it. The routine is back.

  5. Love your blog!

    I found your blog on Follow me Back Tuesday! Have a great day!

  6. Just found ya! What a great idea...I love music too. And the soundtracks of our lives are unique to each one of us. :)
    You've got something to say...(Matthew West)


  7. loving all the music references in your blog (especially the springsteen one a few posts back) new follower just saying hi! hope your girls each have a great school year!


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