Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*It's Friday! Can you believe it?! It's finally here, and at the same time: "What?! it's Friday?! how the hell did that happen?! It can't be Friday, yet! I don't have my post ready for Shell, yet! And, she needs it for Monday!"  Don't worry, Shell, you'll get it, and before Monday. Oh shit! I need to get this done, tonight! OMG I can't let her down! Don't worry, I have a plan!  ♪don't worry, be happy, now♪ (Bobby McFerrin)

*I am so excited about my upcoming trip to Asheville for Type A Mom conference! It's only 2 weeks away, and I just can't wait! I'm gonna share a hot tip I got from a friend, but it'll be our little secret: Asheville has THE BEST PUMPKIN FUDGE! Shhh don't tell I want it all for me! Oh, and you, of course! ♪Eat it eat it♪ (Wierd Al)

*My girls have a class together, and this weekend they have to do a creative project with a partner. Naturally, they didn't partner with each other, so I will be running them in opposite directions to get this project done. Last night, they were arguing over who's idea was better. I'm not sure who won, but I think they both decided that the other one is "STUPID!" *doors slam* it's gonna be a long year! ♪It's been a long time of us is going down♪ (Sick Puppies)

*#1 went on her first interview last Sunday, and it went really well, but she got a call yesterday that they weren't gonna hire her, because they need someone with more availability, right now. Not a bad way to get turned down, but still: THEIR LOSS! Cause she's freakin' awesome!

*How stupid was that preacher with the idea to burn the Koran?! Dumb Ass! I'm really thinking that judging those that are not Christian, does not seem very Christian, but what do I know?!

*Dear Football Season, Please stay longer this time. I miss you when you're gone. ♪football theme song in my head♪

*Dear Bear, You don't send me flowers for no reason, and that's okay because that's a lot of money for something that just wilts away, and it doesn't take a lot of money to make my day, all it took was that little text you sent my way. Thank you, I love you, too! ♪you don't send me flowers... but you send me love texts♪

Have a Happy Friday!


  1. I got flowers from my son a couple weeks ago for my birthday, and they lasted two weeks. Seriously.

    I didn't feel quite as bad about the money he spent that way.

    Otherwise, I'm with you! A gesture, or even one flower is great.

  2. So, guess what? I went to your blogger profile to get to your blog and I'm in the Tampa area, too! How cool is that! I know only one other Tampa blogger and that is the mythical, extraordinary Mommy Melee.

    And I have 3 teenage daughters, none of them twins, thankfully. But the word stupid gets thrown around a lot in our house. I'm feeling you.

    And the thing I hate the most about that imbecilic preacher goon is all the attention he's receiving. It's just going to make him act up more. Turn the cameras off of him and let him crawl back into his inbred hole.

    Oh and Shell is my girl. I do so adore her. She wrote a post about me one time that made me cry. In a good way, that is.

  3. I'm relieved to find someone who picks up on the hypocrisy of the judgmental Christian. Hope you had a lovely weekend - I enjoyed your post over at Shell's. Glad you got it done in time!


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