Writer's Workshop: Grease Was The Word

I really should have read the prompts for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, earlier this week. Then this post would have been so much more informed and intelligent. Oh, who am I kidding?! Reading it a couple days earlier would have just meant a couple more days to procrastinate over which prompt to choose, and certainly, my intelligence level wouldn't have changed during that time, and as for informed?! Yeah right! As if I would've stopped staring at twitter long enough have time to do extra research! ♪ time time time is on my side, yes it is♪  (The RollingStones)

What was it about that movie? Describe A movie you once had memorized.  Well that's easy enough: Grease! ♪ Grease is the word, it's got move it's got meaning♪

As a child I made my 2 best friends watch it over and over and over with me! I couldn't get enough of it! The singing, the dancing...and, oh, that Kinicki! Forget Danny! Kinicki was the hot one!

We would all have a part. Of course, I was Rizzo, because she was a freakin bad ass! That, and of course, she was kissing Kinicki, teehee. My friends; the blonde sisters, would argue over which one got to be Sandy, and ultimately, they would decide that one was curly haired Sandy, (you know cause she's a different person post makeover.)

So, the parts were assigned, the tape was in, (dammit, it wasn't rewound!) Okay, now the tape is in, and we are ready. Push pause on the cartoon butts mooning at the beginning, laugh, FF through the slow beach scene, and now on with the movie!

The opening scene: ME! I'm up off the couch oozing of coolness, saying "We're gonna rule the school, haha!" On to Sandy in the office, then singing Summer Loving, ♪ Summer loving had me a blast♪   and on through making fun of Sandy,  ♪ Look at me I'm Sandra Dee...keep that pelvis far from me♪   through Grease Lightning, ♪ why, it could be Grease Lightning♪  doing the Hand Jive, ♪ Hand Jive Hand Jive♪  and of course ♪ Blue Moon.♪

We sang every song, spoke every part, and did every dance. It was our movie. Our special time. Our time to just be silly, be kids, be friends, and, to dream of going to a school like Rydell high, with a cool group of friends and our own Pink Ladies Club.

There was just something about that movie! ♪ We go together like shoobopdawadawadayippitydeeboomshaboom♪