Wordful Wednesday: Wearing Heels

I love shoe shopping. I don't even have to buy any. I just love trying them all on. I've been trying on this pair of heels by Dollhouse, at DSW for the past couple weeks. They have a great vintage style in a pale pink satin with black polka dots, and a little bow on the top.

Absolutely adorable! But, where the hell would I wear them?!  They're fine for prancing around the shoe store, but let's face it; they're totally stripper shoes! Really, who in their right mind would choose to wear 4 inch heels, unless they plan on spending part of the time with their legs wrapped around a pole?! Which they would need to do to relieve the damn pain in their feet from dancing around in these things!

And yes, I'm totally winning mom of the year, because that's my little girl modeling those very same shoes on our last visit to the store. Yes, I know! My daughter has on stripper shoes, and I took a picture of it! Shameful!

But, we had so much fun, and with her growing up, these little girl playing dress up moments are fleeting.

♪Just like a crow chasing the butterfly, dandelions lost in the summer sky♪ (Shinedown)