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I am so happy it's Friday, I just can't stand it! And, it's Halloween Weekend, which is one of my family's favorite holidays! Last night, we bought pumpkins, which we'll carve tonight. We watched all the Halloween episodes on NBC last night, and they were great! Some of the moments in Shrek had me absolutely cracking up! This weekend, we'll watch a lot of scary movies, and on Sunday, we'll decorate the yard so we can sit outside and pass out candy. I just love seeing all the kids in their little costumes! Most importantly, for us, Halloween is a time to remember your ancestors that have passed, so we set a plate at dinner, in their honor. Hope your Halloween is a safe and happy one!

I've really had some rough moments with my memory loss, this week. You can read about some of them in my Letter to Frankenstein. I was pre-menopausal at 30, and at 36, I'm way to young to be this crazy. I think it's time I give in and see a doctor about my compounding hormones before my family disowns me. ♪I'm much too young to feel this damn old♪ (Garth Brooks)

To add to the list of dead brain things for this week, yesterday, I completely spaced a meeting with my boss's boss! Yeah, I need help! Of course, she said it was fine, no big deal, but you know that's just hanging out in the back of her mind somewhere to be used against me at a later time. ♪watch your back♪ (Godsmack)

I'm curious how many people that watched Glee this week had never seen Rocky Horror, but now love the songs. I love to see a whole new generation opened to such a fun show. ♪I'm just a sweet transvestite, from transsexual Transylvania♪ (Tim Curry)

Have a happy Friday!!
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  1. I did see Glee, and I have seen rocky horror but with all the hype for the show I admit I was a tad underwhelmed...

    I can't wait for the kids to come for trick or treating, my daughter is at a halloween preschool party right now and there were so many thomas' and princess' packed into the same room it just made me laugh!!

    Here from boost my blog friday, have a happy halloweeeeekend!!!

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  3. I did see Glee, huge fan of the show and I thought it was wonderful again. I cant wait for a new cd to come out with these songs on it, I own all the rest of the Glee cds, lol. I have seen RHPS but its been years and this made me like the songs all over again. I think thats one of my fav things about the show is introducing new genres to people. Stuff I would never have listened to on my own, are now some of my fav music.
    I cannot wait for Halloween, my sis in law and I are sitting on my porch giving out candy. I havent done this in so many years. I either was taking kids trick or treating, or I lived on the 5th floor and no one came up there for candy.

  4. I just never got into the RHPS, but I appreciate that others do. I liked the GLEE episode, but wow--they sure are pushing the envelope lately...

    Wow! A political ad on your blog? That's impressive!

    "Most importantly, for us, Halloween is a time to remember your ancestors that have passed," It is? I've never heard of this. Is this just in your family, or have I missed something?

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    Happy Halloween!

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