A Letter To Frankenstein

Dear Frankenstein (the doctor not the monster,)  ♪There's a light, over at the Frankenstein's Place♪ (Barry Bostwick)

I'm in need of your assistance. You see, while you may look at me and scream "It's Alive!" You will very quickly realize that the brain selected to fit inside my little red headed skull, is dead. Now, I don't know if someone switched my old brain with this brain while I was sleeping, or if my brain has simply died, but I desperately, really truly need a new brain!

Just in the past couple days my brain has failed me:

*When I looked at my checking account, knew I needed to deposit money, but looked at it and thought "ooh I've got extra money!" and then didn't make the deposit! What the hell is wrong with me?! Money doesn't just appear in your bank account, you have to put it there. So, it's my stupid brain's fault that I had NSF the next morning! ♪I'm insane in the membrane♪ (Cypress Hill)

*At 4:00 I scheduled an appt for hubby for the next morning, by 5:00 I forgot all about it and made plans for having the car, and getting all this stuff done the next morning. Dumb brain!

*I planned a mojo pork roast in the crock pot for today, then made plans for taking the crock pot to work today to make sweet & sour steak and rice. I only have 1 crock pot...it can't be in 2 places at once! Stupid Brain!

*I went to the store to get dog biscuits. What do you think my brain told me to buy?! I bought dog food and dog chews, but no dang biscuits! Even though they were right there in front of me! See it's dead I tell ya!

*This morning I walked into my bathroom 3 times before realizing that I was there to put my bra on! You would think seeing my half naked self in the mirror would've triggered that to my brain, but, no!  ♪if I only had a brain♪ (scarecrow)

So, you see I'm in desperate need of your urgent assistance. Something must be done and quick, before I show up at work with out my bra on or worse...without makeup! EEEEK!

Sincerely yours,
Brainless, but not yet Braless


  1. So sorry about your dead brain but I am still laughing. Reminds me so much of my mom, lol. I swear she will be in the middle of a sentence, stop and go, "what was I saying". Shes not old either, she says its from having kids, they suck it all out over time, and then you wake up one day and its just gone and you start doing crazy stuff and people think your nuts but it really all goes back to the kids.

  2. Oh yeah and great job on the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference, lol.

  3. You're so funny. Maybe it's just too much on your plate? Let me know if you get an answer, because my brain is dead, too!

  4. "Brainless, but not yet braless!" LMAO

  5. I do that with my money too! It's not just you.

    Visiting from Tuesdays Gone by hop.

    Callista's Ramblings

  6. Great angle on, unfortunately, a familiar problem! Why do we do these things? Funny!

  7. Whoops - and THANK YOU for the Tuesdays Gone hop!

  8. Oh, I've had those days. I think as women we just get our brains going in so many different directions that we don't know which end is up.

    I'm stopping by from Tuesdays Gone. Thanks for hosting, and I hope your week is going better than when you wrote this post!


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