Writer's Workshop: Target Needs a Replacement

In this week's Writer's Workshop, Mama Kat wants to know:

What makes you mad, and what are you going to do about it?

A few years ago, I bought my then 13 year old daughter her very own digital camera. It was pink and pretty, and it was 5mp which, at that time, was pretty dang good. She loved this camera.

When I bought the camera, at Target, the sales person, totally sold me on buying Target's Replacement Plan. She convinced me that my child was going to drop it, smash it, drown it, break it, put jelly in it, whatever... and when she did this I was going to wish I had Target's extended warranty because it's a replacement plan. She advised that no matter what happened, Target would try to fix it, but if they couldn't repair it, then they would replace it with the same or similar model.

Well, I'm no fool, I jumped on this great $20 bargain that would provide me with 3 years of Target replacement plan coverage! Over the years, I would rest easy when she took it to the beach. I could relax when she took it to the pool. No matter where she went with it, it was okay, because of Target's great plan.

After almost 3 years of toting it around, it finally happened...she dropped it... in the toilet...and...I didn't get mad! "No problem" I said "I'll just call Target."

And that's when I got mad! ♪I fell in to a burning ring of fire♪ (Johnny Cash)

"What do you mean it's not covered for water damage?! I was sold on it covering everything! I was assured by a Target employee that it would be replaced for any damage! And, there is nothing more damaging then dropping a camera in the TOILET!"
"Sorry that you were misinformed, but we don't cover liquid damage. We only cover if something is defective. Is there anything else I can do for you?" she said in her little, it's not my fault you let your child play with electronics near water, voice.

So, I said, "sure, what else can you do for me?"

"huh?" "well, nothing with this, but, did you need anything else?"

"What I need is a new camera, which Target said they would provide. Nothing else, just what I was promised, and you said you can't do that!"

"no mam, I can't...sorry."

"Well thanks a freakin lot!"

So, my little girl doesn't have a camera, because she was a little more reckless than she would've been, had we not bought the so called "replacement plan." And, I'm irritated that I was sold on this piece of paper that is worth absolutely nothing! ♪you're no good, you're no good, you're no good, baby, you're no good♪ (Linda Ronstadt)

So, what am I gonna do about it?!  I'm gonna scream really loud, stomp my feet, write a letter to Target, and when they do absolutely nothing to help; I'll ultimately buy her a new camera, but, of course, not from Target.

And, I will never believe Target's lies again!

♪You lied to me, you lied to me honey♪ (Boyzone)

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