Friday Confessional: Who's to Blame

I confess...

...I'm not real sympathetic of a victim of domestic abuse when she continues to go back and make excuses for the person, especially when they just started dating and are not really invested in the relationship and she has lots of friends to help her out! Maybe I should feel more sympathetic, but I just can't. Because, quite honestly...I want to smack her around myself for going back to the idiot! ♪Oh, who's to blame, that girl is insane well nothing I do don't seem to work ,it only seems to make matters worse. Oh please♪ (Rolling Stones)

...Even though Target made me mad, I can't stop loving them. I still wish they would do the right thing, and I won't buy their replacement plan, but I'll still shop there ♪If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right♪ (Barbara Mandrell)

...I'm looking forward to doing nothing this weekend. While hubby does a bachelor party tonight and the wedding rehearsal tomorrow, I'll just be ♪chillin out relaxin and acting all cool♪ (Fresh Prince)

...I didn't buy my daughter's birthday flowers, they were given to me by 1-800-FLOWERS but, wait til you see 'em they're so cute!

...once my team is out of contention for the playoffs, then I don't care who wins, pitches a no-hitter, breaks a bat, or loses. Baseball season is over to me! Time for Football! ♪Are you ready for some football♪



  1. I don't get going back when it's a new relationship- maybe she thinks that he isn't always like that. An excuse. :(

    I could never give up Target.

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