Cyber Monday Minute

Before I dive into the Monday Minute questions, we must talk about Cyber Monday. 

Now normally, I save these types of things for my other site, Wicked Lovely Things, but I'm just so excited, I have to tell you about this total shopping awesomeness! 

Obviously, today is Cyber Monday, and that means lots of online deals. You do shop online right?!

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Okay, now let's get on with the Monday Minute!

(1) What's your favorite fast food establishment? I'm not big on fast food, though it does come in handy on nights I don't feel like cooking. I do enjoy a good sandwich from a deli, I guess for true fast food, I'd have to go with Zaxby's. They have great chicken tenders, salads, and fries.

(3) Do you like mushrooms and onions?  Yuck! Absolutely not! I have this uncontrollable gag reflex thing to onions; completely uncontrollable. and I don't like spiders and snakes♪  (Jim Stafford)

(5) What are your thoughts on the female proposing marriage to the male? I say why not?! Women want to be liberated, so why not do everything a man would do. It's time we start breaking some traditions and start truly reaching toward equality.  ♪I am invincible, I am woman♪ (Helen Reddy)

Have a happy Cyber Monday!

(4) If you had to get a tattoo tomorrow, what would you get done? If I got a tattoo tomorrow, it would be my 12th one, and it would be butterflies on my chest, and then these lyrics on my inner arm to represent my daughtersslipping through my fingers everytime, I try to capture every minute♪ (Abba)
 (2) What's your favorite sport to watch on TV?  synchronized swimming, of course! I get fired up over some synchronized swimming! (okay, so not really. Of course, it's football that I like best!)


  1. what is wrong with syncronized swimming? I think the nose plugs add quite an endearment

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