Tuesdays Gone a Blog Hop #6

This is Tuesdays Gone with Amethyst Moon, a blog hop to breathe new life into your old posts. It doesn't matter how old it is, it can be from last year or last night, it's your choice!
♪Tuesday's gone, with the wind♪ (Lynryd Skynryd)

Make sure to check out some of these great old posts, and maybe discover a new blogAnd, if you want to, grab the badge to spread the word, that would be great, too!

So, here's the rules:
Just link up an old post, and help spread the word, so more people will link up. Then come back, every Tuesday, and do it again! 

There's always something that goes wrong and it always seems to cost me something! Today, it was my car battery, and back in January, it was a screw up with my bank that I seem to still be playing catch up from. You can read all about my colossal banking screw up in linky spot #1. Have fun hopping!


  1. What a grand idea! I'll have to think about this one!!

  2. This is my first week. Thanks for hosting this Tuesday meme. I appreciate it.

    Blessings and Happy Week!


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