Fraggin' Sidewalks

Mommy's Idea

Woohoo! It's Friday! Let's get this party started! ♪ Let's get it started in here♪  (Black Eyed Peas)

On this day, 29 years ago, (OMG! 29?!) my mother ate some cotton candy at a carnival, went in to labor, and instead of having a little brother, out came my little sister. For 3 days she didn't have a name because everything had been planned around a boy. So, take this as a warning: Only eat cotton candy when you're pregnant, if you want to have a sweet little girl! Happy Birthday to my little sister, Monkey! (my name for her, not the one they decided on after the 3 days.)

In my neighborhood, we have security patrol, and apparently this one security guard has made it her personal duty to clear the world of criminals. Yes, that's right, she is taking things into her own hands. You may not know about a county ordinance that prohibits a vehicle blocking any part of the sidewalk, but she does, and she's not going to put up with it! On more than 1 occasion, we have had her stop out front to tell us to move our car because it is sticking out over the sidewalk. Seriously, she's obsessed! One time we were unloading a friends car with it still running, clearly, they were leaving, but she still had to stop!

Nobody is telling the people to stay off the street! Seriously! There are sidewalks, WALK ON THEM!

And what genius thought up this rule?! now there are cars parked all over the street making it a damn gauntlet to drive to my house. I'm waiting for some non-sidewalk using person to come jumping out from between the cars at any minute!

Apparently the local Sheriffs aren't aware of this ordinance either, because, there was most certainly a motorcycle cop hiding in the bushes with his radar gun yesterday in front of Starbucks! Nobody gave him a ticket for being parked on the sidewalk!

♪ I fought the law but the law won♪  (The Clash)