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Yippee!! It's Friday! I'm totally doing my Friday dance right now!  I got Friday on my mind (whatever)

If you haven't entered my giveaways for Cheryl's Cookies or 1-800-Baskets, What are you waiting for?! You could win something for FREE!

I was lucky this week and won an Epson Stylus wireless printer. WIRELESS! That means no more "Mom, hurry up, I need to print my project. whine whine." Now, we'll be able to print from any laptop in the house! Woohoo! Can't wait til it gets here! Thanks, Bragging Mommy    my printer in the middle of my house (to the tune of my house in the middle of the street by Talking Heads) Silly, I know, what can I say? that's my radio brain :)

Tonight, hubby and I are going out the Historic Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City courtesy of his employer. If you visit Tampa, the Columbia is a must do restaurant for authentic latin food. I will be eating their amazingly delicious cuban roast pork with yellow rice. Yum! And, what makes it even better is it's FREEEEEE tonight!!

Speaking of free, does anyone know where I can win free dental work?! I broke a tooth yesterday. Totally sucks! Between food and dental work, I pour more money in my mouth...  So, if you're a company looking for the ultimate sweepstakes; offer a FREE total mouth makeover! I'd enter 10 times daily! Gotta be gotta be free (Diana Ross)

#1 is taking the ACT tomorrow morning. She gets severe test anxiety, but hopefully the ACT will be better than the SAT for her. This is her last attempt to increase her Bright Futures Scholarship from the State of Florida. So keep your fingers crossed for her that she'll get more FREE money.

#2 has been at sectionals for Drama yesterday and today. Fingers crossed for them that they'll get an award and move on to States. Oh, and she got a FREE bracelet for participating. (sticking with the theme here)

And one final mention of FREE: Please someone FREE me from the insanity!
Freedom, you got to give for what you take (George Michael)

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  1. Wow...some serious craziness going on at your house!!
    Good luck with everything!

    swinging by and following from the hop.

    The Survival Mama


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