K is for Kim, It's Simple

I have a friend, Kimberly. Years ago, we talked a lot, but then life took over, and we only pass each other in the hall at work with a quick wave and a smile.

Kim is the frugal girl I wish I could be. She uses a spreadsheet to budget her money. She uses coupons religiously, and doesn't worry about the latest fashion unless she can get it for free. She "gasp!" only has a couple pairs of shoes! Which I think is absolutely insane, but, whatever, it works for her. She lives a simple life. (okay, simple in terms of money, she has 2 boys and a job outside the home, so there is nothing simple about managing that insanity!)

So yesterday, in passing, Kim randomly asked me if I use coupons, and of course, I tell her "I do!" She then tells me she's blogging now and doing coupon classes.

"OMG!" I say when realizing that this is someone in real life that blogs. Someone that won't look at me like I have 5 heads and a horn when I say "I blog." If you blog, you know the look; the one where you're waiting any minute for someone in white jackets to come around the corner to take you away! they're coming to take me away haha

Kim just started her blog about 2 months ago. Kim is awesome at saving, (not like the kind of saving I do where I save on one thing with a deal so that I have more to buy something else.) She is awesome at the real kind of saving.

So we talked for a few minutes about blogging, and Facebook, and then I asked about Twitter. *screeching brakes* "Kim, you're not on Twitter?!" "Well, we'll just have to change that!"

So, today I'll be teaching Kim to tweet so she can really get to know all of you fabulous tweeters and you can get to know this fabulously simple frugal girl:  Kimberly!  Maybe you can stop by and give her some comment love and welcome her to the blogosphere. I bet you'll find something to make your life a little more simple.  Life should be that simple, I wish it were that simple (Katy Perry)

This post was brought to you by the word "simple" and the letter "K"
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