Manic Monday Minute

♪Just another manic Monday♪  (Bangles)

Seriously, I am so off this morning! The day is flying by and I can't catch up with it. Now, normally I wouldn't complain about a Monday moving right along, but I actually have way too much to do, and I can't get my desk up to 88MPH to break through the space time continuum, so, looks like I'm pretty screwed.
♪I got to get back in time♪(Huey Lewis)

Usually I link up with Cristy at Happily a Law Mama for Monday Minute first thing in the morning, but when I had a minute to do it this morning, she didn't have questions up because someone else is hosting. This would have been fine except, she didn't have a link to him this morning, and when I wandered around asking if anybody knew the "Powdered Toast Man," they asked "does he live on Drury Lane?"  To which I promptly responded "No, you idiot, that's the muffin man." Geesh, some people!

So, I didn't post a Monday Minute this morning, but now, Cristy woke up from her long winter nap,  and now she has a link to this mysterious Powdered Toast Man, so I checked him out, (his blog, that is, not him, I'm sure he's great, but it's his blog I'm interested in, so don't go sicking the marriage police on me.) And, she's right, he's pretty dang funny!

So without further ado, the Monday Minute (feel free to jump and cheer.)

1) If you could invent a new animal, what two animals would you combine to create a new one? And what would be it's name? what?! who has time to think of this kind of stuff?!

2) What is your least favorite sexual position? the one where I'm not getting any. For real? it's sex don't analyze, just enjoy it.

3) If you could ask Abraham Lincoln one question, what would it be? When did you first decide to become a vampire hunter?

4) Would you rather be allergic to bacon or not be able to bathe for 6 months? You do realize that Bear doesn't let me in bed with him if I haven't showered, right?! so, imagine 6 months without bathing! He'd have me sleeping in the car! and that would mean...well, you did read answer #2, right?! Yeah, love me some bacon, but...Move Over Bacon now there's something meatier!

5) Which would you rather have as a pet; penguin or giraffe? and why? A giraffe! I could use it for transportation, it could clean my gutters, trim my trees, etc... what the hell could a Penguin do?! Just run my electric bill up to keep the house cold!  ♪What's cooler than being cool? Ice Cold! ♪(Outkast)

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  1. I'm so sorry I let you down this morning! I was sleeping while I left you searching! Bad Blogger right here! ; )

    My husband had the same answer to the sexual position question as you did ... he's like "it's sex, what is there NOT to like about it?" haha


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