What do you mean I only have a Week Left?!

Wow! Can you believe there is only a week left to shop for Christmas?! Bear and I will be getting up early tomorrow to head to the mall. He told me I have him for one day only. I have to feed him breakfast and lunch and he must be home by dinner. That's the rules! I'm a slow shopper. I enjoy just looking around. He's a get what you want and get out kind of shopper. So, we'll see how it goes.

I'm sure if I let him out of my site tomorrow he'll be like Clark Griswold cozying up to some young sales girl talking about how nipply it is, so I better keep my eye on him.  Lol!  Hip hip hooray for Christmas Vacation

I think every year at the start of the holiday season I say how I'm going to do better this year. I'm going to actually send out cards get my cards out early. I'm going to get all my shopping done so there's no last minute worries, (yeah, I'll still be shopping on Christmas Eve.) I'll make sure the house is perfect for the whole month, (who am I kidding?! with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, my house is a disaster!)

It's National Free shipping day, so I'm off to try to squeeze in some online shopping while pretending to work. It's an art form, and I'm a professional, so don't try this at home. :)

Happy shopping! Have a great Friday!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go

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  1. I still have some shopping to do as well.. cause everything has happened this month to prevent me from getting it done.

  2. National free shipping day? That sounds amazing.
    Leaving stuff until the last minute makes thing interesting. I haven't sent my cards yet, and I will be finishing the last bit of shopping on Christmas eve.

  3. Don't mentionshopping - today the bank called and my two credit cards have been cancelled - and wait the weekend before Christmas - my cards were compromised and I got them replaced - after all - all that buying on-line does have repurcussions:)

  4. Visiting from Friday Fragments... I was ranting about only 9 days left (in yesterday's post) and now the harsh reality of a week is here... yeesh I too always think I'll do better. Not this year!

    Nice to meet a kindred spirit!
    Happy holidays


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