Her Decision's Been Made

This sending your kid off to college thing is harder than it looks, and we've only just finished the decision making process!

All I've ever wanted was for my girls to do well in school, go to a good college, become great people and be happy.  I want them to have the college experiences I never had. I want them to live on campus, have school spirit, maybe, a semester abroad. I want them to see the world.

We've been looking at colleges on-line for a couple years and have spent the last year visiting campuses, trying to make that important decision of which school is the best fit for her. Which school offers the best programs at the best price? Which school will allow her to spread her wings in a safe haven? We've looked at all these things. I've encouraged her to go away to school. To experience other parts of the country.  ♪spread your wings and fly and look to the sky♪ (Taking Back Sunday)

But, her decision has been made. She will be going to school less than an hour away. And,...

I couldn't be happier! As the reality of her leaving the house and being 4-10 hours away was setting in, I started to realize just how much I'll miss having her around! I want her to experience things, but I'm glad she'll be having these experiences so close to home! The funny part is, I'm the one who first encouraged her to look out of state.

So, the decision's made, and now we start the next steps. We have to complete the FAFSA, she has to get an immunization, (now required for all universities,) make sure housing contracts are completed, sign up for orientation, complete scholarship applications, send AP results, pay this deposit and that deposit,...the list goes on.

This really is a lot of work, maybe she should just stay home!
♪Don't go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to♪ (TLC)