It's Okay, He's Just Drunk

Usually we take turns being the designated driver, and usually, we're both pretty sober anyway, but this time was different. This time we were both...DRUNK!

It was our anniversary and we were celebrating with friends. The plan was to have a few drinks then head to the movies. We had a few drinks, alright, a few too many! It went like this:

Jager Bombs for both
Guinness for me, Jack for him
Jack for him
Guinness for me
Jack for him
Jager Bomb for me
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack... for him

Then my brilliant idea, to have Sex With an Alligator. No, not a real alligator, I wasn't that drunk! It's a layered shot served in a martini glass with Chambord, Midori, and Jager. It is so very yummy!

So, we're all having Sex with an Alligator, ♪ bonchickwawa♪  when suddenly a piece of glass flies across the table, and hits me in the eye. My husband had slammed his pretty little glass down declaring "DONE!" and when he did the glass shattered. My nose was bleeding where the glass had sliced me, but luckily, my eye was fine.

My friend helps me get the bleeding to stop, and back to drinking we go.

Jager Bomb, Jack, Jack, Sex with an Alligator... and another broken glass?! Really?!
Bear yells "they're defective!"
"Honey they weren't defective, you slammed the damn things down!"
"no, they were defective!"
"okay, Honey"

Now it's time for the movie, so the group of us stumble to the parking lot. I argue with hubby about why he can't drive, and why our sober friend Jane is driving us. He doesn't really comprehend and demands he's fine, but with a little dragging, I finally get him in the car and we say we'll meet our other friends at the theatre.

We never make it into the movie. Hubby is passed out in the back seat, so Jane and I go to find the others, and leave him in the car.

They call and say that one of them is sick, no movies.

We return to the car to find all that Jack that hubby had, is now down the side of the car, and hubby is hanging out the window.

We go back to the bar we started at, because our car is there. I get hubby into our car, and I wait. I still can't drive. Lots of laughter, talking, etc..   Then, feeling bad for hubby, one friend starts petting his head through the window. This is followed by screaming.

Hubby had decided he had enough of the petting, so, he put the window up to be left alone. Our friend's arm is still in the window, the door is locked, the keys are in the car, and he won't listen to stop pushing the button!

I ran around to the other side of the car and thankfully my window was down. Phew! Crisis averted!

My friend's arm is rescued, just in time for hubby to open the door and cover her foot in...the rest of the Jack, Jager, Sex with an Alligator, etc... Oh my gosh! He puked on her foot!

But, it was okay, because she was also; DRUNK!

♪ one bourbon, one shot, and one beer♪  (Thorogood)

This post was written from Mama Kat's prompt #3: Drunk

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  1. omg what a night haha!! glad no one was hurt too bad!

  2. So it sounds like sex with an alligator was a bad idea after all. ;)

  3. The funniest thing, is no-one made it to the movie for weeks. The movie.. You ask, what was it??? Irony...."The Hangover."


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