Aloha Friday, Little Big Things

It's Aloha Friday and that means I get to take it easy and ask a question of you. In other words, I'm being lazy. In Blogland, I've been lazy all week, but in real life...not so much. I've started a new schedule at work of 4 9 hour days and a 4 hour day. I love the new schedule, but it is requiring me to make an adjustment to when I do everything else. I've got it all worked out though, and next week will go a lot smoother.

As busy as I've been at work, it can seem like I haven't accomplished anything else. But, sometimes, even the smallest of things can be a really big accomplishment. some of my little but big accomplishments this week are:

I watched a movie with my youngest daughter. (She's 16, and is usually alone in her room, and I'm usually online, so this is a big deal!)

I got in touch with my cousin on Facebook. (it's been a few years.)

I colored my hair purple. (well, my hair stylist Laura C, did. She rocks!)

I killed a giant mosquito for my daughter. (Usually, she's killing giant bugs for me, (yes, I have an irrational fear of palmetto bugs, so?!) so it was nice change to be the calm one.

I went to the gym, 3 times! Let's get physical physical (Olivia Newton John)

My question for you:

What little big thing did you accomplish this week?

Answer below, then head over to An Island Life for more Aloha Friday. And, don't forget all the great Friday Hops below. It's a great way to make new friends and find new blogs.
You've got a friend in me (Randy Newman)

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