Music Monday- A little Bit of Gin


Friday night was hubby's birthday celebration at our local pub. We ate and drank and danced, and played silly games like pour sugar packets on a friend because the band is playing Def Leppard, oh and cover your other friend in hot dogs so you can win the hot dogs eaten with style competition...aah good times.

Saturday, we helped a friend move. I thought this would be better because she was paying us, but...nope, it was still moving, which I hate, and she made sure to remind us that we were being paid. Do you think that helped make it better?! Nope, it did however, make me want to just walk away and tell her where to stick her money...but, I didn't...after all, I may need to move someday.

Sunday was the best day of all, Breakfast at the beach then some sunbathing followed by shopping and ice cream; the perfect day!

It was great weekend, and I hate to see it go but I'm facing Monday head on and ready for a great week! It's the last day of February, so let's end it with one final love song.

This song is by Gin Wigmore. Gin is from Australia. She has a cool sound and I love her style. Hope you enjoy and have a wicked lovely week!