Lectures From Grampa

Growing up, I had the luxury of spending every Summer in New Hampshire with my grandparents. During the day, Gramma worked, so Grampa Joe took care of me. We did everything together. We went fishing, ran errands, cleaned the house, and went on long walks with the dog. He let me sing for him, (only on the commercials,) and he listened to my stories, (boy could I tell 'em.) He also never missed a chance to teach me important things in life:

1. "If you insist on wearing those noisy shoes, take them off in the house, so they don't drive me crazy!"

2. "Watch your finger when you bait the hook, or just let me do it."

3. "You're a lady, you don't walk on the outside of the street, let the gentleman walk there."

4. "Don't tumble in a dress unless you want to show off your lady things."
5. "Don't eat after the dog!"

6. "You can be an actress, if you want, but it will be hard work, and not much chance of making it, so make sure you have a backup plan."
7. "If you make the bed, right when you get up, you're more likely to get it done."
8. "When adults are talking, listen. Don't talk until it's your turn."
9. "Find a boy that doesn't make you work for his love."
10. "Someday, everyone will see how smart and beautiful you are, until then, you know it."
My grandfather died when I was 15, but the last thing he told me, came 2 years later in a dream. He said to me, "I've always watched over you, but now, you have a good man to love you and keep you safe. I'm leaving now."  That morning, I awoke feeling content, and I made my vows to Bear.
Sunrise, Sunset, sunrise, sunset swiftly flow the days (fiddler on the roof)
Inspired by, Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt: A lecture you still remember.


  1. Aww man that nearly made my eyes get leaky dangit. My papaws were both gone before I was ever born.. I know I missed out on a lot based on what my sister's have told me about them

  2. This was awesome. What a wise man your Grampa was! Love that he came to you in a dream. I call those visitation dreams.

  3. Sounds like a great grandpa!! :) I especially love number 4 because it's soo funny.. And the last one, because, that's absolutely beautiful. You were lucky to have such a great relationship with him.

  4. That was a great post and your Grandpa sounds like he was a wonderful man. The Fiddler on the Roof lyrics threw me for a loop because one of my favorite songs by the band Bright Eyes is called Sunrise, Sunset and begins with those lyrics. I am sure the other lyrics are all different although absolutely brilliant. One cool thing is that when I saw them play it live in 2006, a girl played the main melody on a harp.

  5. Wow, that's really powerful. He sounds like he was an awesome person with some great (and sometimes funny) advice for a young girl.


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