Love and a Toy Gun

It was a rare occasion to get my man in a tie. The event was a murder mystery party and Bear was playing a Bouncer at the Juice Joint in 1928. We had a great time completing our tasks (bribery, blackmail and even a few threats at the end of a toy gun.)

'Cause baby, you're a firework (Katy Perry)

After the murder was solved, the girls changed out of our dresses and heels, and into our comfy clothes. We tried on shoes, played with finger puppets, played Just Dance 2, and just giggled like girls do, while Bear just hung out on the couch. I can't stress enough, how cool it was for him to just chill out, no "it's time to go" glaring looks that men tend to do. No whining or complaining that we weren't watching sports. None of that crap! He just sat back and relaxed, while we had our girl time.

Reason #352 of why I love Bear on every day of the year and not Just Valentines:
 He may be a man's man, but he can hang with just us girls.

Why'd you come in here looking like that? when you could stop traffic in a gunney sack (Dolly Parton)

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