Sailing the Sea of People

A view from the parade Gasparilla 2011

They yell to us like rock stars
to make us look their way
Beads Beads Beads
they cry
the motto of the day

Every parade friends call us at the start of the day to tell us where they are along the 3 mile parade route. We all try hard to find them, but in the sea of people with everyone screaming, it's like a live action "Where's Waldo?".

'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars (Nickelback)

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  1. action where is waldo! that made my day. LOL

  2. It is crazy to try to meet up with people in such a massive crowd! :)

    WW: Summer House Renovation Update

  3. that is a good amount of people !
    lol, isn't that your friend right there? the second row?
    lol, total craziness!

  4. Oh I could not handle crowds like that. I'd have an extreme anxiety attack.

  5. wow fun. I need a wild crowd of people to hang out with


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