Changes in Attitude

I spent the day yesterday undergoing some medical tests. In between testing I sat in the waiting room with 2 older women that were having the same tests done. One of the women was very grumpy. She complained about absolutely everything, yelled at the nurses, and talked my ear off with her opinions on the world. She said to me "you know lesbians are all right people in general, they're just messed up in the head." She got to this topic because Katie Couric has short hair, but this woman thought that people would think she was a lesbian if she had short hair like that. I was so glad to be rescued by the nurse when it was my time for another test. The nurse told me the trick is to pretend you're sleeping, then the "old people" won't bother you. I will definitely have to remember that.

The other woman had to be the sweetest, happiest person I have ever met. This lovely lady could just light up a room. She told me how she's getting tested because she had a pacemaker a few years ago, and she has to have everything looked at to get surgery done tomorrow. She needs a hip replacement because of a car accident that killed her husband and left her in a wheelchair. She told me how she lives with 3 of her daughters, sharing time between all of them. This is because her home was wiped out in 2004 by a hurricane only 3 months after she bought it. She joked how the only thing she owns is a bedroom suit and she likes it that way.  Even though she can't walk she goes to the country bar to watch everyone line dance, and "dances in her chair." I can't tell you enough what a joy this woman was. With all that she has gone through she was so positive and optimistic. I commented on her great attitude and she said "Well, why not, I have a great life. With 4 daughters, 8 grandchildren, and soon to be 14 great grandchildren, what is there to be miserable about?!"

This woman has the right idea! Everything is better with the right attitude. I admit I've been feeling a little sorry for myself lately, but no more! I have a great life with an amazing man that loves me, 2 beautiful daughters, and great friends. What is there to be sorry for?! Absolutely nothing! It just took a day with 2 strangers to remind me.

It's those changes in latitude, changes in attitude nothing remains quite the same. With all of our running and all of our cunning, if we couldn't laugh we would all go insane (Jimmy Buffett)

The beach, just one more thing to be happy about!


  1. I love that.. and it is usually when we need the reminder the most that God puts someone who has it worse in our path. To remind us that even they have learned gratitude in the most simple of places.

  2. The beach! I could go for a little of that right now! And, isn't it great when a grumpy old hag reminds you to chin up lest you wind up just like that one day? I prefer all of my reminders to come in the form of the sweet lady, but it takes a little of both sometimes! Hope all is well.

  3. I love this post and I will for sure share it with my mother-in-law (who lives with us). She has an upbeat attitude about living with us and watching the magic of her grandchildren. I learn so much, daily, from my mother-in-law.


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