Music Monday, Friends Make You Laugh


The theme at Monday's Music Moves Me today is "friends." The best thing about friends is sharing a good laugh. So in honor of the laughter and silliness of a good friend, I'm providing you with a stupid silly goofy video. The latest single from Right Said Fred, those fabulously buff brothers that brought us I'm too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts.  
Because the world did not have enough songs about butts, booties, and rumps, here's right Said Fred's ode to derrières everywhere: Hope you laugh your bums off ! Because life's too short to take it too seriously!

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  1. That cracked me up! Get it? ;) Thanks for the giggle! ;)

    Be Lazy or Live a Little - MMMM

  2. OK this was really fun! Now I'm wondering if mine is sexy :)

    Keep dancing!

  3. Awesome! The world needs more butt songs. "Peace love and big butts", I always say. Personally, I'm a fan of "Big Butt" by Sir Mix-a-lot and "What, What in the Butt" by Samwell.

    BTW..Don't watch this in front of small children. ;-)

    Have a great week!

  4. It's a fun song, makes you want to hum a long.

  5. Love it! Thanks for the laugh-i needed that!


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