Aloha Friday and Fragments of Winning

Happy Friday! It seems so long since the last one. I'm so happy it's back! It's Aloha Friday, but first a few fragments of my mind.

Mommy's Idea

After my day at the doctor, she suggested I wear support hose which makes me just cringe at the thought. I've seen support hose and they're not pretty! Seriously, can't they at least make them in some cool colors, or with some rockin' skulls or unicorns on them?! The nude color thing they've got going on is not fooling anyone...they're beige, and who wants to wear beige?!  I'm looking for something in red (Laurie Morgan)

Tomorrow is our Yard sale, the one we were supposed to do a couple weeks ago, but I put it off, because...well, ... I HATE YARD SALES! Especially in the Florida Heat, which is why I can't put it off any longer, because it's April and in Florida, that's practically Summer.

Because of my love of freebies, I also like to enter sweepstakes. I haven't got a "big win" yet, but I've won some nice prizes. The cool thing about sweeping is you never know when a prize will show up at your door. The other day the UPS truck stopped outside. I got so excited imagining what I might have won. He was taking a long time so it must be a pretty big box that he's trying to get off the truck. Then, he just got back in his truck and drove off! Dang him! Taunting me like that! Wait, he's back! Woohoo! I did win something! It was a super small package, so I guess he couldn't find it before. I opened it up hoping for a gift card, and inside was a note, "congratulations, you were randomly selected in our monthly giveaway. Enclosed is your prize."  My "prize" was a one time use sample packet of hair gel. A SAMPLE PACKET! As in grab one at the Salon anytime...that was not even worth the BBT (Big Brown Truck) excitement.  A win is a win, but this is just sad. They could've at least fancied it up a little and put it in a bottle. *sigh* oh well, maybe the next win will be a little bigger.

I want money lots and lots of money...I wanna be rich (Calloway)

What's the best thing you've ever won?

Answer in a comment and then go check out An Island Life for more Aloha Friday questions.

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