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When my girls were younger, our weekends were spent at the ball park. We went from Little League, to travel ball. Softball was our life. During those years I took on the role of  "Team Administrator," a fancy name for Team Mom but with the responsibility of taking money, scheduling tournaments, and ordering uniforms and other team items. This was not a "in your spare time" type job. It was very time consuming. 

Ordering team shirts was especially time consuming because I wanted to find a good quality shirt, at a good price, but I didn't want our logo to be ____________, (insert any of the following: cracked, faded, running, peeling,) after only a couple washes. (Yes, all of those happened, and duct tape fixes a lot but not t-shirts.)

With my previous experience with t-shirt printers, I was a little skeptical when I was asked to review a shirt from TShirtPrinting.net but I figured if they want an honest review, I'll give it to 'em. 

I have been wearing the T-shirt with the little monkey on it around the house for the past couple of weeks, (including 24 hours straight when I didn't get out of bed,) and it has gone through numerous washes, and has been put in the dryer for every wash. (Not something I normally recommend for screen prints, but let's face it, kids are lazy and sometimes their shirts end up in the dryer, so I figured why not test it.)

And look at it!:

It is as bright and cute as the day I got it! Not a single crack in the screen print! No peeling, no fading, no need for duct tape :-) I'm very very impressed! Tshirt Printing .Net, where were you when I really needed you?!   Oh, no matter, I have you now!

They specialize in custom printed T-shirts, hoodies, and work wear. They have competitive pricing and a fast turn around. They can put any design you want on clothing, so if you want your blog logo or maybe you've taken on the team mom job and you need team shirts, let TshirtPrinting.net give you a quote. Believe me, quality printing like this can save a lot of headaches!

disclosure: As part of the Family Review Network, I received a t-shirt for review. I was not compensated for this post. The words and opinions expressed are all my own.


  1. Cute shirt, nice to know they don't fade!

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  2. Great review...I know what you mean about cracked and peeling designs...not cool.
    Stumbled your post.
    Thanks, Becky Jane

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