5 Fabulous Blogger Connections

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Picking 5 bloggers is hard because there are so many great ones. So, I tried to pick 5 fabulous bloggers that I feel a special connection to, because after all, isn't that what blogging is all about...making connections?!

Shell of Things I Can't Say-  is genuinely fabulous! When a family member criticized something innocent she said on her personal blog, Shell needed a new outlet for sharing so Things I Can't Say was born. She shares stories of past romances, raising 3 boys, and tales of everyday life, and does it all with humility and a great sense of humor. Thanks to her weekly BFF posts, I've found many great new blogs including one only 2 miles from home. I had the pleasure of rooming with Shell at Type-A Conference last year, and she is just as sweet and genuine in real life as she is on her blog.

Ian of The Daily Dose of Reality-  Last year, I tweeted a open plea for someone to read a speech I wrote and give me their opinion. Ian answered that call (although, he probably regretted it after seeing how long, and dry it was,) and it really meant a lot to me. What makes Ian so fabulous is how much he has given back to Blogland. He organized a fund raiser for a fellow blogger that raised thousands, he is supportive of others, and his humor can lift anyone's spirits.

Jen of Expressions By Jen- Jen has been around blogland for quite awhile, but after getting a little too personal on her blogs she felt it best to delete them. Expressions by Jen is latest, most fabulous blog of all. She blogs about raising teens, and going green, and has a great Etsy Feature Friday, (check out the latest, cake pops, yum!)  She was my road trip partner and roomie on my recent trip to SheCon in Miami. I don't think we had a single moment without things to talk about, or laugh about. Not only is she a great blogger, but she is also a fabulous photographer!

Jenna of Resonance- Frelle, for those of you on Twitter, is just one of those people that I felt an instant connection to when I met her at SheCon. We both sing and love music, and the color purple. Her energy just fills the room with joy. We could just talk for hours about our lives. She is a truly gifted writer and a women that inspires others with her courage to make positive changes in her life, and to share her experiences. Frelle is positively fabulous!

Megan of Sweet Sadie Marie I just adore this lady! I met her at Type-A when she organized a little cocktail party, and we stay in touch on Twitter. She crafts the cutest pins, and chalkboards, and she just radiates positivity. Her writings about her daughter Sadie will just melt your heart. She is adorably fabulous.

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  3. I would have a hard time picking 5!
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