The End of The World, as We Know It.

I never believed that the world was coming to an end on Saturday May 2, 2011, and I don't believe December 21 2012 will be our rapture or apocalypse, either. It's not that I think we are beyond destruction, I just don't think anyone can pin the end of the world down to one day.

Our world is surely ending, but it's from our own doing, not because some God has declared a judgement day. Our world is ever changing, and much of the destruction we are seeing from tornadoes in Missouri and Oklahoma to the Earthquakes in Japan and Haiti is just part of the natural cycle. It may seem like there is more natural disasters now than ever, but it's because we are a smaller world than ever.

Only 10 years ago, cell phones were not so prevalent, 5 years ago Twitter didn't exist, and most our news came from traditional sources. We waited for the morning paper to hear what had gone on in the world the day before, and a tornado hitting a town of 100 in Oklahoma, just wasn't sensational enough to take up space on the page. Natural Disasters are not happening more frequently, we are just receiving news more frequently.

If a so called "Judgement Day" is upon us, maybe it is us that needs to cast judgement on what we as a people are doing to destroy our planet and our people.

Make today your judgement day, the day you judge yourself, and decide to make small changes that bring happiness, peace and a better environment. Make it the end of the world as we know it (REM)

End of The World

I see skies of blue, clouds of white
the bright blessed day, dark sacred night
and I think to myself
What a wonderful world
(Louie Armstrong)