Wordless Wednesday: Florida Heat

Breaking News...Florida is HOT! I repeat...FLORIDA...IS...HOT! Chocolate mailed in a plain envelope and placed in a metal mailbox under the hot Florida sun will not survive! That is all.

Where'd you come from Baby? How'd you know I needed you? (Hot Chocolate)


  1. lol, send some heat this way! It's been rainy and cold here!


  2. Was it a good kind? I'd have cried. My parents just sent me money in a card. Who does that in this day and age? They should know better. It got here in one piece though!

  3. Oh wow- already that warm!!!

  4. That poor, poor chocolate. Hope you put it out of its misery by eating it right away. ;)

    WW: Curriculum Fair Fun with YoYo's

  5. Sounds like AZ. hopefully it was still yummy even though it was obviously gooey. It's so sad to waste good chocolate! Thanks again for linking up last week! Hope you can come again today or next week!
    Kelsi @ ModernMomRedefined.blogspot.com


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