Writer's Workshop, Talking to Granny

Today's prompt from Writer's Workshop is: Write a poem about the last person you spoke to on the phone, based on the conversation you had.

Granny, dear
it's nice to hear
how you are this time of year

Yes, of course the family is well
What's that? you say?
your hip hurts like hell?

Oh, Granny Dear
it's nice to hear
what you'll be doing later this year

of course I, miss you too
Yes, I know
I haven't called you

Oh, Granny Dear
it's sad to hear
of my cousin's problem year

Dinner's done, I have to go
I love you, too
I hope you know

Goodbye, Granny Dear
it was nice to hear
of all the things you hold so near.

I know Granny's getting old
but really the truth must be told

I really could skip the part
of Granny squeezing out a fart

and of her stomach issues so
that she couldn't wait, she had to go

and the description of her underwear?!
that wasn't a fart she did in there!

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