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It's Friday, and while that's supposed to mean relaxing and getting ready for the weekend, my day off yesterday, has left me extremely busy at work, today, so not to much taking it easy for me, but I hope the rest of you are winding down for the week!

I have an Aloha Friday question for you, but before I get to that, I really need a favor! I entered a contest to try to win a trip to San Diego for Blogher. I don't usually enter popularity contests, but since this one involved sharing a tip for Summer Savings, I went ahead and joined in. I'm up against some really big bloggers, and I have no idea where I stand in the ranks, but if you could give me your vote, I'd be forever grateful!

Just click on the vote button to the left or click HERE and use Ctrl+F to search for Amethyst, vote for me, and you're done!

Here's the tip I submitted:
 "Suspend your gym membership and get outdoors! The weather is perfect for outdoor activities. You can save on the cost of your gym, by playing a game of catch, swimming, or taking a nightly walk."

Today's question:

What's your tip for saving in the Summer?

Answer in a comment, and go visit Kailani for more Aloha Friday Fun

And, Don't forget to vote :-)

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  1. Spend time outdoors doing free activities like the park, the beach, or a neighborhood pool!

    An Island Life


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