Aloha Friday, Monster Mash

It's Friday! With Halloween on Monday, I'm sure there are tons of parties and spooky events happening this weekend. Normally, I would go all out, but since I've been recovering from surgery, I haven't been feeling it, so I'll just throw on my trusty horns and just call it a touch of evil :o)

I'll be heading to my local pub tonight for some good music from a local band. The pub's having a costume contest, so it'll be fun to see what creative things people have come up with.

So, what will you be doing this weekend? Will you dress up for Halloween?

I love to read your responses, so answer in a comment, and then head over to IslandLife808 for more Aloha Friday fun.

♪They did the mash, they did the monster mash♪ (Bobby Pickett)