Music Monday, Songs for Halloween

It's a very special Music Monday! It's Halloween!!

I hope everyone has a very happy day with not too many tricks and a whole pumpkin full of treats. Today's music is of course... Halloween songs! Let's get started with these spooky tunes.

Warning! Video not appropriate for children!!

Happy Halloween!



  1. Great Halloween songs/videos. Guess I'm already following you. Well, off to work for me. Sure hope you stop by my blog too, and have a fun Halloween!

  2. I love all your Halloween picks, but the Time Warp is definitely my favorite. Happy Halloween! :-)

  3. Can you believe it, we have NEVER watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show? It's true! I'm gonna have to get this one. Great song picks for this ghoulish Monday!

  4. Happy Halloween! Johnny Cash's Ghostriders I haven't herad in a long time...thanks! I love the red eyes in the video. Great selection! Have a Very Safe & Happy Halloween

  5. Time Warp is my favorite. When we saw it in the theater dancing the time warp in the aisles was so much fun!!


  6. I haven't heard the time warp in like forever. Great choices! Have a Happy & Safe Halloween. Thanks for playing hope to see you next time.

  7. Oh, my gosh, Witchy Woman, it has been forever since I have heard that song! I have never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show but I know a lot of the music and love it!

    Great Picks!

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  8. Scary choices :)

    Thanks for rockin!!!

    Share the candy!

  9. Thanks for playing along with us again and for stopping by my blog.
    I LOVE the Johnny Cash song, so fantastic!
    The Time Warp is always a fun song, even when it's not Halloween.
    Plus I've loved the Eagles since I was a kid, wish I's thought of that song, great choice.
    The last one, I guess I'm still a kid at heart, because I couldn't watch it... don't like that kind of stuff even in cartoon.
    Hope you had a great Halloween with lots of fun, family and CANDY!! HUGGLES!


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