Aloha Friday, Do You Watch XFactor?

I don't usually watch the reality competition shows like American Idol and So You think You can Dance, but I'm really into XFactor! I can't get enough of it. I'm even tweeting my votes in for my 2 favorites, (Josh and Rachel.) This show could really produce some future music stars! My question for you:

Do you watch competition shows? Are you watching XFactor?

(for those of you watching, What did you think of Astro's temper tantrum?)

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  1. I have watched several episodes of The X Factor and enjoy it. I didn't get to see the latest episode so I missed the temper tantrum. That's a shame for him to act like that.

  2. Nope... I haven't watched it at all : )

  3. No. I don't watch much TV at all.

  4. I had the tv on and overheard his temper tantrum. (I didn't watch the entire episode) I felt bad that the other girl was kicked off after that. He shouldn't have been rewarded for bad behavior. The X Factor should include some grace and humbleness, in my opinion.

  5. I watched one of the earlier episodes, but haven't seen any since. I mostly watch cooking or design competition shows.

  6. I already have way too many shows loading up my DVR so I haven't been watching that this year...American Idol is still one of my favorite guilty pleasures. ;)

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