Rockin' but not Quite Rollin' in My Heelys

You've seen kids rolling by in their Heelys shoes, right? They almost seem to float by as if powered by some secret magical source. Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to have your own Heely's? You could roll through the grocery store, or wear them at work and float your way to the copier! That would be so cool, right?! That's what I thought when Heely's offered to send me a pair for review.

I was surprised at how many styles Heelys  had to choose from. I picked out my favorite pair. They are pink and black and so freakin' cool!

When heeling for the first time, Heelys recommends starting with a friend or holding onto a counter, and that's exactly what I planned to do. I laced up my shoes and began trying to make my way around the house holding onto walls, and counters. It was not easy! Holding my toes up took strength, and I still didn't get comfortable enough to let go. How do those kids make it look so easy?!

Ok, so this rolling thing is going to take some practice. The cool thing is even if I don't master the heeling, the wheels come out, and I've got a rockin' pair of shoes!

Want to see more about how to skate with Heelys and see all their cool new products including the new double wheeled shoes for kids, check out

And, don't miss the Black Friday special: Nov 25-Nov 28 Buy one pair of Heelys and get the second pair for $25 or Buy a Nano and get a pair of shoes for $25. All with FREE Shipping!

disclosure: I received a free pair of Heelys for review.

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  1. Great idea on how to save time! For some reason I do not think I will look as cool as those kids do though, no matter how "smooth" I am. lol


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